Getting started with RabbitMQ? Download our FREE ebook!

Wondering how to get started with RabbitMQ? Download our ebook to get an introduction to RabbitMQ and learn how you can benefit from using the CloudAMQP hosted RabbitMQ service.

We have been answering thousands of RabbitMQ questions during our time in the industry. We have experience from a huge range of customers and our own setups. We are now releasing a free ebook that will assist anyone who is taking the steps to get started with message queuing in RabbitMQ.

rabbitmq tutorial book

The book will give a gentle introduction to RabbitMQ. You will get an understanding of messaging and important RabbitMQ concepts will be defined. The steps to go through when setting up a connection and publishing/consuming messages to/from a queue will be outlined. There will be a description of when and why RabbitMQ is beneficial, in addition to how exchanges and queues are associated with each other – when you should use them and how. The book will walk through the RabbitMQ Management Interface and it will also show getting started sample code for Ruby, Python and Node.JS.

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