This feature is available on dedicated instances and provided as a beta software, and is therefore not covered by the SLA.

You can send messages to an Amazon Kinesis Stream by integrating Kinesis with CloudAMQP. To configure the integration, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the AWS Region where your stream is located
  2. Enter an AWS Access ID
    To get an AWS Access ID and AWS access key, you should create an IAM role limited to only one AWS stream. The role must have the kinesis put records policy. The AWS Access ID should be 20 characters, upper case letters, and digits.
  3. Enter an AWS access key
    The AWS access key should be 40 characters Base64 string.
  4. Enter the AWS Kinesis stream name This is the stream's name to where you want to send messages.
  5. Enter the exchange you publish your messages to The exchange has to be a durable exchange.
  6. Enter Routing keys The routing keys are where you publish your messages.
  7. Click the Create button

After you click Save, CloudAMQP starts to forward messages from your RabbitMQ (CloudAMQP) server to the stream entered.

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