RabbitMQ as a Service

Managed RabbitMQ servers in the cloud

Decouple, distribute and scale your applications with the speed of CloudAMQP


Split up your app in smaller and more maintainable parts and let the messaging do the plumbing. By utilising workers your web app can ease the load and become much more responsive.


By emitting events from one part of your system, other parts can react and handle complicated workflows with ease.


Message queueing is the key to make your application scale. As the workload goes up you only have to add more workers to work off the queues faster.

Automated platform

CloudAMQP is a perfect fit for your hosted applications. In one click you get the full power of RabbitMQ with all of its advanced features.

Fully integrated with many application platforms

Available in multiple clouds


Travis CI streams hundreds of build log chunks per second and we can rely on CloudAMQP to deliver them. We use several RabbitMQ clusters from CloudAMQP, and both the infrastructure and the service have been rock-solid.
- Mathias Meyer
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I was looking into setting up a highly available queue for AirHelp and it got complex very quickly. I'm so glad I found CloudAMQP. It just works!
- Greg Roodt
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