We offer six different plans, both dedicated clusters, individual servers and vhosts on shared clusters. Dedicated plans provides guaranteed isolation between instances, where as shared plans provides great performance but limits number of connections. All clusters has nodes in multiple availability zones and has automatic fail-over. We support multiple data centers and regions. All supported regions can be found here.

High performance dedicated instances High throughput and long queues

Awesome Ape, High performance HA cluster

Awesome Ape High performance HA cluster

  • Multi-AZ cluster
  • Max ~50k msgs/s
  • Max ~20k connections
  • Max ~40M queued messages
  • Web-Stomp
Power Panda, Performance server

Power Panda Performant HA cluster

  • Multi-AZ cluster
  • Max ~20k msgs/s
  • Max ~10k connections
  • Max ~25M queued messages
  • Web-Stomp

Dedicated instances Consistent but moderate throughput

Roaring Rabbit, High availability cluster

Roaring Rabbit High availability cluster

  • Multi-AZ cluster
  • Max ~10k msgs/s
  • Max ~4k connections
  • Max ~10M queued messages
  • Web-Stomp
Big Bunny, dedicated server

Big Bunny Dedicated server

  • Master/standby failover
  • Max ~10k msgs/s
  • Max ~1k connections
  • Max ~5M queued messages
  • Web-Stomp


per month

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Shared instances Variable performance

Tough Tiger, for hobby apps

Tough Tiger For hobby apps

  • Max 12 concurrent connections
  • Multiple nodes in different AZ's
  • High performance
Little Lemur, for development

Little Lemur For development

  • Max 3 concurrent connections
  • Multiple nodes in different AZ's
  • High performance

Plan information

Dedicated plans are not artificially limited in any way, the maximum performance is determined by underlaying the instance type.

Multi-AZ: Provides enhanced availability, queues are automatically mirrored between availability zones. RabbitMQ HA is used to handle this, see RabbitMQ HA.

Master/standby failover: If the node goes down for a Big Bunny instance will our monitoring tools detect that and bring the node up again, (master/standby) failover. We will bring the node up in the same AZ.

SLA: We guarantee at least 99.95% availability on multi-az clusters. CloudAMQP will refund 50% of the cost for outage larger then that. Request of refund must be submitted in writing, within 30 days from the outage to which they refer, via email to contact@cloudamqp.com

Always included


All servers are continuously monitored for availability and performance. Most often we detect and address issues before they become a problem. If their is a problem with an instance it's automatically remove from the DNS load-balancer.

Protocol support

RabbitMQ is a polyglot broker and all our plans has protocol support for AMQP, AMQPS, HTTPS, STOMP and MQTT.


All instances have access to RabbitMQ's management interface which is great for monitoring and inspection.


In a cluster are all queues and messages are replicated between the nodes so if one node fails the other can immediately take over without message loss. Fail-over and load-balancing is performed over DNS, with a very low TTL.


All plans are billed by the second, so you can try out even the largest instance types for mere pennies. Billing occurs at the end of each month, and you're only charged for the time an instance has been available to you.


We answer emails (support@cloudamqp.com) 24/7 and for larger plans we also provide phone support. Please email us if you need help to get started or if you want to setup a call to discuss how CloudAMQP can support your business.

Supported data centers and regios

We support multiple data centers and regions.

* Regions that are available for our shared instances, Little Lemur and Tough Tiger.

US-East-1 (Northern Virginia) *

US-West-1 (Northern California) *

US-West-2 (Oregon)

EU-West-1 (Ireland) *

EU-Central-1 (Frankfurt)

AP-SouthEast-1 (Singapore)

AP-SouthEast-2 (Sydney)

AP-NorthEast-1 (Tokyo)

SA-East-1 (Sao Paulo)

Northern Virginia



Hong Kong



AMS01 - Amsterdam, Western Europe

DAL01 - Dallas, Central United States

DAL05 - Dallas, Central United States *

DAL06 - Dallas, Central United States

HKG02 - Hong Kong, Asia

HOU02 - Houston, Central United States

LON02 - London, Western Europe *

MEL01 - Melbourne 1, Australia

SJC01 - San Jose, West Coast United States

SEA01 - Seattle, West Coast United States

SNG01 - Singapore, Southeast Asia

TOR01 - Toronto 1, Canada

WDC01 - Washington DC, East Coast United States

US Central *

Europe West *

Asia East *

South Central US

Central US

East US

East US 2

West US

North Central US

North Europe

West Europe

East Asia

Southeast Asia

Japan West

Japan East

Brazil South

New York 2

New York 3

Amsterdam 2

Amsterdam 3

Singapore 1

London 1