CloudAMQP is excited to announce the release of LavinMQ 1.0!

LavinMQ 1.0 results from years of development and testing and is now ready to become your new message broker.

What are the benefits of LavinMQ 1.0?

There are many exciting benefits of LavinMQ 1.0 as your new message broker. With built-in features to make message queues faster, simpler, and more efficient, it’s time to sit up and take notice of LavinMQ. Here are some of the key benefits.

Fast Performance

With just a single m6g.large EC2 instance and a GP3 EBS drive (XFS formatted), LavinMQ can sustain 700,000 messages per second. A single producer can push 1,600,000 messages per second. Without a producer, auto-ack consumers can receive 1,200,000 messages per second. Performance can vary based on system specifications and the environment. However, this testing tool lavinmqperf enables you to benchmark your message speeds and visualize the performance of LavinMQ.

Efficient Operation

Caching can make or break the efficiency of message brokers. Occasionally, message brokers cache messages in RAM for efficiency, but the resources can be heavy. By writing messages directly to disk, the consumption of RAM is reduced along with the resources, leading to greater efficiency .LavinMQ leverages the operating system’s built-in caching capabilities, writing messages to disk quickly and avoiding memory resources taken up by excessive processing.

Simple and Easy

Messaging systems can be complex and hard to navigate, with various nuances to get right and receive the best performance. Ease of use is a priority for LavinMQ, with detailed documentation and examples to guide you through mistake-proof configuration. You can make it even easier on yourself and rely on us, the CloudAMQP team, to set up your LavinMQ service in the blink of an eye.

LavinMQ is compatible with AMQP 0.9.1, which opens up the use of a wide variety of clients, platforms, and languages such as Python, Ruby, Java, and more. Best of all, while being fun and easy to use, LavinMQ is still of professional quality, so you can trust its abilities to help you develop great software.

Intuitive Interface

Yes, we said LavinMQ is fun to use, and it is because of the intuitive, real-time management interface. The interface allows access to information about your queues, vhosts, and exchanges in one user-friendly dashboard. Here you are in charge, able to add, pause, or configure queues, exchanges, and users quickly and easily. LavinMQ’s management interface makes it easy for all levels of expertise to explore the benefits of a message queue architecture.

What are you waiting for?

It’s time to try out LavinMQ for yourself. Contact the team at CloudAMQP and we’ll help you set up your dedicated instance. Or, just get started with a free instance of LavinMQ!

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