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Top 3 CloudAMQP features

Fully Managed RabbitMQ clusters

CloudAMQP automates every part of setup, running and scaling of RabbitMQ clusters. Available on all major cloud and application platforms all over the world. Let your team focus on what they do best - building your product. Leave server management and monitoring to the experts.

Easy Monitoring & Custom Alarms

Our control panel offers various tools for monitoring and alarms. Now you can address performance issues promptly and automatically, before they impact your business. CloudAMQP make it easy to setup custom alarms via email, webhooks and external services.

Exceptional Support

We provide 24/7 support to thousands of customers. We've been providing the service for years and have unmatched operation experience from a huge range of customers. There's no scaling or implementation problem we can't solve.

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Reasons you will love CloudAMQP

Message Queues in the Cloud

CloudAMQP installs and manages RabbitMQ clusters for you. RabbitMQ supports multiple protocols such as AMQP, MQTT, HTTPS, STOMP, and WebSockets (Web-Stomp).

Scaling & Upgrading

At CloudAMQP you can scale your cluster without downtime. The same goes for upgrading your server to a new Erlang or RabbitMQ version, just click a button and relax.

RabbitMQ Diagnostic Tool

RabbitMQ Diagnostics Tool help you identify common errors in your RabbitMQ cluster. The tool will check your setup, and give you suggestions of things you need to look into.

Invite your Team

Invite your co-workers and you’ll all have seperate CloudAMQP accounts but manage the same set of instances. You decide where to send notifications and who will pay the bill.

Plug-ins at your assistance

From CloudAMQP’s control panel you can easily enable common RabbitMQ plug-ins for your server. You will also find top community plug-ins that are installed with a click.

Additional nodes in your cluster

For dedicated instances in AWS and Azure you can specify the number of nodes you need. On dedicated plans you can also choose to create your cluster in a dedicated VPC.

CloudAMQP is available in
7 plans 7 clouds 94 regions

Supported Cloud Platforms

Amazon Web Services
Google Cloud Platform
Microsoft Windows Azure
Digital Ocean

Also available through

IBM Bluemix
Microsoft Windows Azure
App Harbor

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Justin Zhu


"We rely on CloudAMQP for our core messaging backend, sending tens of millions of messages per day. Their support has been really responsive and helpful whenever we've needed it."

Mathias Meyer


"Travis CI streams hundreds of build log chunks per second and we can rely on CloudAMQP to deliver them. We use several RabbitMQ clusters from CloudAMQP, and both the infrastructure and the service have been rock-solid."

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