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Managed RabbitMQ/LavinMQ servers with automatic diagnostics and transparent pricing.


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Create a cluster

Get an optimized cluster ready in just a couple of minutes. Choose your desired cloud and cluster size and CloudAMQP will take care of the rest.

Build applications

Let your team focus on what they do best - building your product. Leave server management and monitoring to the experts.

Are you new to message queueing?

Why CloudAMQP?

Fully managed clusters in the cloud

CloudAMQP provides an easy to manage solution for all aspects of RabbitMQ and LavinMQ clustering. We're available for all major cloud providers and application platforms, so your team can focus on key aspects, without being distracted.

Stay on top with Automatic Diagnostics

CloudAMQP diagnostics tool tracks the health of your cluster. Thousands of engineers are already using the diagnostic tool to identify server performance issues, diagnose causes of errors, and to get proactive alerts.

Get logs & metrics where you want them

CloudAMQP offers various performance monitoring tools that will help you identify problems in your production environment before they start impacting your core business operations.

Sleep well at night with Alarms

Monitor your systems and get notified whenever something is wrong. By setting up custom alarms you'll be notified of any performance issues before they escalate.

About CloudAMQP Support

The CloudAMQP prompt way of supporting us, updating the instance along the way, while providing the best communication made my day! They set my new personal standard when it comes to customer support.

Julian Godesa, Software Developer

Exceptional support included in all plans

We're always here for you with round-the-clock customer care and experts that will help you at any time. For extra protection we always have developers on duty to react quickly in an ever changing world.

Available in your favorite cloud - all over the world

CloudAMQP handles the setup, scaling and operation of RabbitMQ and LavinMQ across the globe. It is available for all major cloud and app platforms.

CloudAMQP - industry leading RabbitMQ and LavinMQ as a service

Start your managed cluster today. CloudAMQP is 100% free to try.

Reasons you will love CloudAMQP

Carefree DevOps

CloudAMQP handles the setup, scaling and operation of message queueing softwares across the globe. It is available for all major cloud and app platforms.

Optimized cluster size

CloudAMQP has pre-configured cluster sizes for your business, so you don't have to worry about time or resources required to get started.

Invite your entire team

Invite your co-workers and enjoy separate CloudAMQP accounts for everyone. You decide where to send notifications and who will pay the bill.

Transparent pricing

Our plans are transparent and straightforward. You can easily plan ahead without worrying about hidden fees.

Plugins out of the box

Plugins are an effective way of adding extra functionality to brokers. They are easy to install with the click of a single button, at CloudAMQP.

Convenient scaling & upgrading

With us you can easily scale your cluster up and down, or change the number of nodes in your setup. The same goes for upgrading your server.

Extra security features


A firewall prevents unauthorized services from connecting to your cluster. CloudAMQP console allows you to specify an IP range and decide which ports should be opened for that range.


Enable TLS/SSL to and from your application to ensure secure transit between CloudAMQP and your application.

Custom Domain

Keep your data safe with custom domains and certificates powered by Let’s Encrypt and backed by CloudAMQP.

VPC peering

Take advantage of VPCs to create a secure private network, which is based on a deny-all-by-default security methodology.


When using PrivateLink, CloudAMQP creates an Endpoint Service to connect the VPC, creating a new network interface used to communicate with the cluster.

User Access Control

Assign different roles with different levels of access so employees can only work on tasks that are their responsibility.

Your cluster is safe with us

SOC2, GDPR and HIPAA compliant

We are proud to be compliant with SOC 2 by AICPA. We are constantly audited against the Security (common criteria) and Availability Trust Services Criteria.

CloudAMQP also comply with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as well as The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

CloudAMQP - industry leading RabbitMQ and LavinMQ as a service

Start your managed cluster today. CloudAMQP is 100% free to try.

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