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Publishing Throughput - Asynchronous vs Synchronous

In this article we will look at the impact that asynchronous vs synchronous publishing has on throughput when using publisher confirms.

Maintaining Long-Lived Connections with AMQProxy

The AMQProxy is a specialized AMQP proxy developed by CloudAMQP that uses connection and channel pooling/reuse in order to reduce connection churn on brokers.

GCP firewall configuration enabled for CloudAMQP

Safety first! The CloudAMQP team are happy to announce that CloudAMQP now offers firewall support for Google Cloud Platform.

What is the message size limit in RabbitMQ?

Frequently Asked RabbitMQ Question: What is the message size limit?

New regions in GCE

Support added for new regions in GCE: Los Angeles, Netherlands, Hong Kong and Montréal, Canada.

AWS Hongkong now supported

The team behind CloudAMQP is happy to announce that we now offer support for AWS Hongkong.

What value will your enterprise organization capture by using CloudAMQP

Deliver applications and services at high speed with CloudAMQP - Message queuing as a Service.

RabbitMQ 3.8 Feature Focus - Single Active Consumer

RabbitMQ 3.8 is coming this year, and it will bring four new major features. Single Active Consumer (SAC) is a really nice feature that is coming, which allows for new consumer patterns that were not possible or more difficult to achieve beforehand.

Updated Documentation for CloudAMQP APIs

The documentation for CloudAMQP API:s has been updated and moved to its own place. Read up about how you can create your instances, set up alarms, or restart your cluster via the APIs.

Teams and SAML improvements

A set of highly requested team and user management features has arrived. Multiple teams, transfer subscriptions, SAML enforced roles and turning off password based logins.