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RabbitMQ Queue Types

To persist messages, RabbitMQ uses a variety of queue types. This blog will look at each queue type in RabbitMQ — their use-cases, core features and storage implementations.

Message Queues: A Simple Guide with Analogies

This guide explains message queues with analogies: databases, warehouses and post offices.

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Lets make the summer a fun opportunity to better up your RabbitMQ skills with our training tool.

Join the Live stream with CloudAMQP

CloudAMQP is hosting a Livestream on June 25th, around Apache Kafka vs RabbitMQ Streams.

JMS and AMQP in RabbitMQ

You’ve seen Java Message Service (JMS) and Advanced Message Queueing Protocol (AMQP) mentioned in the context of enterprise messaging — But what are they? Are they related? And what’s their connection to RabbitMQ?

RabbitMQ 3.13 Feature Highlights

We are happy to announce that RabbitMQ 3.13.2 is now available on CloudAMQP. This blog will review some of the key user-facing changes coming in this release.

MQTT Retained Messages

This blog will focus on the MQTT retained messages feature - what they are, why retain a message and how to retain a message.

Automatic Version Updates for LavinMQ

Keep your messaging service safe and up-to-date with new automated version updates for LavinMQ

From Mnesia to Khepri, Part 2: How Khepri Affects you

In the part 1 of this blog series, we gave an overview of Khepri and the motivation behind its creation. This part will cover what to expect when/if you switch to Khepri.

From Mnesia to Khepri, Part 1: Khepri Overview and Motivation

This blog series will explore Khepri, the new metadata store coming to RabbitMQ. This part will give an overview of Khepri and the motivation behind its creation.