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Getting started with RabbitMQ? Download our FREE ebook!

Wondering how to start with RabbitMQ? Download our FREE ebook today to get an intro to RabbitMQ and CloudAMQP. The best book with tutorials to get started!

CloudAMQP invites 2019!

2018, the year we spread the word! This blog is all about what we have been up to, and what we will prioritise during 2019.

Meet Softonic - From a monolith architecture to microservices and event-based communication.

CloudAMQP met up with Softonic to hear their story on how RabbitMQ, as an event bus between microservices, contributes to a reliable, fast and effective architecture perfect for their purpose.

AWS Europe (Stockholm) now supported!

AWS is now in CloudAMQP's home country! We've added the eu-north-1 region.

GCP Finland supported!

It's now possible to create your RabbitMQ Cluster in Finland. The region, europe-north1, is now supported by CloudAMQP.

Summing up RabbitMQ Summit 2018 and looking forward to 2019

RabbitMQ Summit 2018 was a single tracked, one day, conference with 9 speakers, which brought light to RabbitMQ from a number of angles. The summit was a success and now we’re looking forward to 2019!

RabbitMQ Summit talk recap: Scaling RabbitMQ at Goldman Sachs - Jonathan Skrzypek

Jonathan Skrzypek talked about why and how Goldman Sachs adopted RabbitMQ as a first class citizen in thier messaging product portfolio.

RabbitMQ Summit talk recap: What we've learned from running thousands of production RabbitMQ clusters

CloudAMQP has been running dedicated and shared RabbitMQ clusters for customers around the world, in seven different clouds. In this talk Lovisa address tshe most common misconception, misconfigurations and anti-patterns in RabbitMQ usage.

RabbitMQ Summit talk recap: What it's like to bet your entire startup on Rabbit - Nathan Herald

Wunderlist made big bets on two technologies: AWS and rabbit. I will give an overview of what it’s like to live with rabbit for years, the tools and practices we built up around rabbit, and as many tips and learnings as I can. In this talk you'll see real world data, hear...

RabbitMQ Summit talk recap: A walk-through of the design and architecture of RabbitMQ - Ayanda Dube

As the use of RabbitMQ grows, there's a growing need for its operators and engineers to have a good understanding and appreciation of its internal design, and how its sub-components interact to meet the various messaging requirements in industry. In this talk I walk through the...