Webinar: LavinMQ is here, but why launch another message broker?

What's the fuss about the new, next-generation message broker, LavinMQ? Let's dive into it with a free LavinMQ webinar! Discover the what and the how, and ask your questions directly to the core team.

We are thrilled to welcome you to the very first webinar about LavinMQ! This webinar will help you understand the new message broker we are hosting and how it can help your business grow. Here is what you can expect from the LavinMQ webinar:

  • Meet the founders and core developers of LavinMQ
  • Learn the story behind LavinMQ and why we saw the need for another message broker
  • Learn which use cases LavinMQ is the optimal choice for a message broker
  • Ask your questions directly to the LavinMQ team

When, how and where?

When? May 10, 6pm GMT+2

How? Sign up below and secure your spot

Where? Online via Zoom

Sign up to the webinar via this link.

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