From Beginner to Advanced

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  • What message queueing and RabbitMQ is
  • How to use the RabbitMQ management interface
  • Get familiar with the message patterns that RabbitMQ supports
  • RabbitMQ Streams
  • How to use RabbitMQ with Ruby, Node.js and Python
  • Best Practice For High Performance
  • Best Practice For High Availability
  • User Stories

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Table of Contents

Part 1: Introduction to RabbitMQ
  • Microservices and RabbitMQ
  • What is RabbitMQ?
  • Exchanges, Routing Keys and Bindings
  • RabbitMQ and client libraries
  • Rabbitmq with Ruby and AMQP::Client
  • RabbitMQ and Node.js with amqp-client
  • RabbitMQ and Python with Pika
  • The Management Interface
  • Arguments and properties
  • Policies
Part 2: Advanced Message Queuing
  • Quorum Queues
  • Prefetch
  • RabbitMQ streams Introduction
  • RabbitMQ Streams Implementation
  • RabbitMQ Streams Limits & Configurations
  • Queue Federation
  • RabbitMQ Best Practice
  • Best Practices for High Performance
  • Best Practices for High Availability
  • RabbitMQ Protocols
Part 3: RabbitMQ User Stories
  • adidas: Tracking Sport Activities
  • Parkster: Monolithic System into Microservices
  • Farmbot: Machine-to-machine chat application
  • CloudAMQP: Microservice Architecture built on RabbitMQ
  • Softonic: Event-based Communication
  • Rever: Solving issues in manufacturing with RabbitMQ
  • Trustt: Automated e-mail service with RabbitMQ
  • Frontiers: Scientific Discoveries In Public

About the authors:

CloudAMQP are operating and providing support to the largest fleet of RabbitMQ clusters in the world.