Logentries integration

You're now able to ship your RabbitMQ logs from CloudAMQP dedicated instances to logentries!

Logentries makes it easy to centralize, search and monitor all your log data from any environment. All you need to do to get your CloudAMQP RabbitMQ logs into logentries is to sign up and create a token here: https://logentries.com/app#/add-log/manual

You can find all CloudAMQP integration options under the new Integration tab in the control panel for your instances. Enter the token and press Enable.

logentries integration

Export the event stream

It is also possible to view the event stream together with your server logs, in your external logging service. The event stream allows you to see the latest 1000 events from your RabbitMQ cluster, created/deleted queues and connection attempts - among other things.

Please email us at contact@cloudamqp.com if you have any suggestions or feedback.

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