CloudAMQP vs Installing your own RabbitMQ Server

What is the difference between a CloudAMQP cluster and a "do it yourself"-RabbitMQ installation?

Here at CloudAMQP we've been on the edge of optimal server and RabbitMQ configurations since 2012. This blog post will outline the major advantages of using our hosted service compared to downloading, configuring, running, and maintaining your own RabbitMQ server.


We take care of installing your preferred version of RabbitMQ. If there's any doubt about what version to use, we can advise. This helps you avoid versions that have known deficiencies for certain tasks.


We take care of the configuration of both the underlying server in your preferred cloud, including setting an optimal file descriptor size for the underlying machine, as well as the RabbitMQ configuration with clustering, partition handling, TLS/SSL certificates, and setting up load balancing and automatic fail-over.


We handle support 24/7. Not only do we monitor systems, but for all dedicated plans we're just an e-mail away to handle any issues when you need us.


We send usage statistics to your dashboards and monitoring systems including Datadog, Liberato, AWS Cloudwatch, NewRelic, Logentries, etcetera.

Upgrades and patches

We take care of upgrades and patches, both for the server and for RabbitMQ. We have experience configuring RabbitMQ servers for a large variety of customers, and different use cases.


We have automatic alarms for CPU, and RAM usage, as well as for consumers, queues and connections. The alarms will notify you over e-mail.

Scaling and API

With CloudAMQP you can dynamically resize the cluster on the go. This means that your cluster will be available while we re-configure it in the background to run on a larger or smaller instance. We also provide an API for dynamic creation, updating and destruction of clusters.

Provisioning and maintenance

Instead of going through a manual error-prone process when you are updating or restarting your RabbitMQ cluster you can rely on our Control Panel, where you can start, stop, restart and upgrade your cluster and nodes.

Please email us at if you have any suggestions, questions or feedback.

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