Prepayment as a payment option is now available on CloudAMQP

Per our customers' request, we are now offering the possibility of prepayment for our services by adding credits to one’s account. By simply paying an optional amount in advance, we increase our customers' flexibility to use our services.

We have understood that many of our customers want the option to pay through annual billing, and we can finally announce that this service is now available for CloudAMQP. From now on, we provide our customers with the opportunity to prepay an amount that suits the customers’ needs. If you'd like to avoid lots of small transactions, then prepayment is for you. A prepayment can be made for one to several months in advance*.

An example

A customer subscribing to our plan Big Bunny equalling $99/month can choose to make a prepayment of $99*12 (and then skip being charged on a monthly basis for one whole year). One thing that is good to know is that a prepayment will be covering all plans the customer have on his/her account. So let's say that the customer in the example would add another Big Bunny plan to his/her account on month five, then the prepayment will cover both plans for three more months. After that the customer's prepayment will have been fully spent.

The prepayment option is available to all paying customers. We will initially handle all requests separately and once the feature has been enabled by our team, the customer will be able to easily choose his/her perfect payment option in the payment menu.

A customer that already has a subscription with us but wishes to change the payment method to prepayment can simply contact our customer service at to enable the feature. You are also very welcome to contact our customer service in the case you have any questions about the possibility of paying with credits.

*A prepayment is valid for 1 year, then it expires.

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