Virtual Private Cloud on Google Cloud Platform

Create your CloudAMQP instances in a virtual private cloud (VPC) on Google Cloud Platform and peer with your own VPC to keep traffic internal and block the public from your instances.

A VPC network is a virtual version of the traditional physical networks that exist within and between physical data centers. Each VPC network is subdivided into subnets. When you create an instance, you must create it in a subnet, and the instance draws its primary internal IP address from that subnet. Instances in a VPC network can communicate with instances in all other subnets of the same VPC network using their RFC1918 private IP addresses. Read more at Google VPC docs.

When you create a new instance on Google Cloud Platform you now have the option to create it in a dedicated VPC. All external traffic will be blocked by default and you have to peer your CloudAMQP VPC with your own GCP VPC.

Under the VPC tab, create a peering request to your VPC network and then from your GCP account create a peering request to your CloudAMQP VPC network. As easy as that!

All traffic on the subnet will be routed through the peering. Please refer to Google VPC Peering documentation for details.

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