Plan changes for our shared instances

We have decided to add limits on allowed number of messages sent during one month for an instance. We have also changed the maximum number of allowed concurrent connections. These limitations will only affect our shared plans Little Lemur and Tough Tiger.

Following updates are implemented

Little Lemur

  • max 1 000 000 messages per month
  • max 20 concurrent connections

Tough Tiger
  • max 10 000 000 messages per month
  • max 100 concurrent connections

The previous connection limit on 3 connections genereated a lot of issues for our Celery users. Old open, but no longer used connections have been blocking connection slots for new connections. This raise will hopefully help the Celery users.

Little Lemur and Tough Tiger instances are vhosts located on a shared cluster where other users actions might affect the performance of the whole cluster. Some users are sending to many messages - sometimes without a consumer connected. The message limit will stop users from sending to many messages.

Notification email will be sent when an instance is getting close to the message limit and the instance will be blocked if the number of messages allowed per month crosses the limit thresholds.

Please email us at if you have any suggestions or feedback.

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