Plan changes for CloudAMQP shared instances

We have decided to add limits for number of queues and number of queued messages for an instance. These limitations will only affect our shared plans Little Lemur and Tough Tiger.
Limitation of shared plans

Little Lemur and Tough Tiger instances are vhosts located on a shared cluster where other users actions might affect the performance of the whole cluster. An occurring performance issue on these clusters has been when a user has to many messages queued or when someone is creating too many queues. We are continuously working on improvements for the shared instances and we try to offer better quality and service all the time. A step in this improvement is to introduce limitations on number of queued messages and number of queues for one instance.

Following updates will be implemented

  • Little Lemur: max 100 queues and max 10 000 queued messages
  • Tough Tiger: max 1000 queues and max 100 000 queued messages

Notification emails will be sent when an instance is getting close to the limits. The instance will be blocked from publishing of messages/creation of new queues, when the number of messages or the number of queues crosses the limit thresholds.

Please email us at if you have any suggestions or feedback.

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