Automated Email Service with RabbitMQ is a Gamechanger for Trustt

If you think you’re having a hard time keeping up with your company’s growth, check out Thanks to RabbitMQ, Trustt went from sending 1,800 emails per day to 70,000 by switching several of its processes from a synchronous system. Read on to learn how automating emails and avoiding bottlenecks was a gamechanger for Trustt.

Trustt is a SaaS platform that accelerates brand growth with solutions for recruiting and engaging trusted communities: authentic review generation and user-generated content, recommendations and influence marketing, and market research. To keep candidates well informed, Trustt sends emails automatically throughout the lifecycle.

Trustt’s platform generates more than 20 types of emails, including non-selection emails, selection and reception reminder emails, content creation emails, and more. Multiply all these types by the number of candidates and client campaigns, and you can understand the exponential volume of emails they have to send.

The goal was to keep up with Trustt’s hyper-commercial growth. Trustt migrated its email system to include asynchronous RabbitMQ processes with temporary queues to absorb the load induced by the consumers. Today they have also implemented several other application services on this model. They have gone from one process using RabbitMQ to seven in a few months on several of their products.

Today, Trustt works with a consumer to process email requests. With additional consumers, the number of processes can quickly be increased on demand. The previous email system was in synchronous mode and caused bottlenecks within their processes.

“RabbitMQ has several advantages in our application stack. It allows us to better control the load used on processing and to spread it over time. RabbitMQ has become one of the essential building blocks of our infrastructure to ensure the scalability required to support our growth,“ says Nadia, CEO of Trustt.

“We chose CloudAMQP because we didn’t want to set up our own RabbitMQ instances and manage all the inherent maintenance and upgrades, plus we need two instances of RabbitMQ; one instance for our development and staging environment and one instance for production. With CloudAMQP we can adapt our plans to our future use.”

Trustt uses RabbitMQ to manage interactions with multiple services or other external web services. A customer success management software takes customer data from the existing tech stack and automatically combines it to get a full view of the customer. Payloads are sent containing UUIDs to RabbitMQ. The consumer receives the UUID and looks for the necessary information to process the data. Below is an example of a message payload sent between Trustt’s services, through RabbitMQ.

{“nodeId:78966, “params”:[], “userID”:70627”, “eventId”:0, ”uuid_message”:”e251710c-ac18-11-ec…”,
”dateSendBefore”:{“date”:”2022-10-22 09:53:21.779867”, “timezone_type”:3,

In order not to slow down the tool, the synchronization is done through a RabbitMQ process. The events are sent to a queue and a consumer processes them in the background.

“Trustt chose CloudAMQP because the service configuration is automated, leaving our engineering team to focus on the integration of the business processes and not on the implementation and monitoring.”

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