Automated cluster scaling!

Power to the people! Scale your cluster on the go.

We are constantly working on bringing you the best and most complete feature set of any messaging service provider. Today we are happy to announce a new big feature.

Requirements change, the cluster you created yesterday might not be suited to handle the reality of today. Growing number of messages, clients, changing throughput, or availability requirements, to name a few things that can change.

To make your life easier, and frankly ours too, you can now scale your cluster up or down, adding or removing nodes and change the underlying server infrastructure. All this while your cluster is still live, accepting connections and handling messages! We make sure your cluster always has at least one active node during the reconfiguration, which takes a few minutes to complete.

Earlier this had to be done manually by creating a new cluster and migrating through queue federation. But now the process is automated by reconfiguring your cluster.

Change plan and nodes

If you want to rescale your cluster, go to the CloudAMQP Control Panel, and choose edit for the instance you want to reconfigure. Apart from changing the name of the instance, you now have the ability to add or remove nodes, and change plan all together.

This feature is of course also available through our CloudAMQP Instance API

* Note: you can't move from a shared plan to a dedicated cluster, or vice versa. Such moves have to be done manually, by creating a new instance, as before.

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