Cloud Firewall for AWS and Azure

Configure a firewall for your cluster directly from our UI. You can specify an IP range and decide which ports that should be opened for that range. All other ports to your instance will be closed.

A firewall lets you restrict access to your cluster so that only your servers will have access. You can also setup different ports for different ranges, so, for example, your servers can access port 5762 (AMQP), but the management interface is still open to all.

Configuring the firewall is simple, we have named some ports allowing you to open up for AMQP and MQTT without specifying the ports, you can if you want to enter extra ports to open up if you by any change have a service running on a different port.

Currently, Amazon Web Services, Azure and Google Cloud has the firewall feature enabled. If you would like us to enable it in any other data center, please send us an email.

Please email us at if you have any suggestions, questions or feedback.

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