New feature: CloudAMQP and Private Service Connect

We are introducing support for Private Service Connect for all our Google Cloud customers. Private Service Connect provides a secure connection from your VPC servers to the AMQP brokers on CloudAMQP. This ensures data remains secure and never leaves the Google Cloud network.

With Private Service Connect, connecting to a CloudAMQP cluster is as simple as if it were on your local network. It handles all the routing, and your data never leaves the Google Cloud network.

This feature is designed to be available to multiple projects simultaneously. If you have clients in different VPCs or projects, you can connect multiple endpoints to the same service.

You can manage which projects are permitted to connect to the published service in the CloudAMQP console. You can also view connected endpoints, which gives you full control over who has access.

How to enable Private Service Connect

  • To enable Private Service Connect, navigate to Networking -> VPC Connect in the CloudAMQP console and click Enable. This will create all necessary services on our side. Once complete, it will display the name of the published service for connection together with some other useful information.
  • By default, the service denies all connections. You must list all the projects that are allowed to make connections to this service. Enter the name of the Google Cloud project permitted to connect over the service.
  • In the Google Cloud console, go to the Private Service Connect menu option under Network Services. Click Connect Endpoint, choose Published service and enter the name listed on the CloudAMQP console page. Follow the guide to finish creating the endpoint.
  • Once the endpoint is created, click to open it. It will display the IP of the endpoint. This IP is used to connect to the brokers over the published Private Service Connect service.

Though you only get one IP regardless of the number of nodes in your cluster, the brokers must be behind a load balancer to use Private Service Connect. All traffic to the brokers goes through the load balancer, but usage remains the same. You retain the replicated queues and high availability.


Private Service Connect costs $99/month. As with all our products, you only pay for what you use. If you stop using PrivateLink after 10 days, you only pay for those 10 days.

For more information on Private Service Connect, visit Private Service Connect.

For any questions about the service or setup, reach out to

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