CloudAMQP Announces Custom Domain support

By popular demand, CloudAMQP is happy to announce the ability to customize your domain for dedicated instances.

In some use cases, a customized domain for created instances solves both time-consuming administration and the headache of certificate updates. Over the years, we have seen use cases where the ability to set a custom domain has been of high importance. With growing demand, mainly from IoT customers, CloudAMQP is happy to make customized domains a reality, giving customers even more control over their instance setup.

Why use a Custom Domain?

When creating an instance with CloudAMQP, your instance is given a randomized name. In the past, if customers wanted to use their own domains, they needed to upload certificates and manually renew them on a regular basis. However, when the certificate expired without action, problems occurred.

With the new Custom Domain options, you only need to perform the action once and the rest is smooth sailing thanks to our CloudAMQP engineers. Custom Domains are made possible using Let’s Encrypt and follow the safety and security policy of CloudAMQP.

The new Custom Domains feature isn’t just for newly created instances but for all customers with already running dedicated instances.

How do I set a Custom Domain?

The option to choose your custom domain is available in the control panel of the instance after creation and is also available through the API and our Terraform provider. All you need to do is create a CNAME DNS record for your domain pointing to your CloudAMQP hostname.

CloudAMQP custom domain

Visit the control panel of your instance to set your Custom Domain.

Please note that the custom domain option is only available on our dedicated plans.

We hope you like this improvement of our service. If you have any questions or comments on the blog above, send us an email at

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