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An increased number of connected companies in relation to the rapidly changing landscape of every-day data has made a huge difference to the modern lifestyle in just a short matter of time. 84codes (the company behind CloudAMQP) are proud to play a part alongside many of the companies that have taken their first steps into the cloud by providing hosted solutions for popular open source components.

Regardless of how easy it might sound, this transformation including server configuration and maintenance can be both time-consuming and expensive, and this is where 84codes comes in.

Over the last 6 years, 84codes have helped many companies through their “cloud journey” and we strive hard to become one of the industry leaders in regards of helping developers by automating nearly every aspect of server configuration and maintenance.

84codes is currently offering four hosted open-source services, three hosted message queuing services and one database.

  • CloudAMQP: A hosted RabbitMQ (message queuing) service. We are today managing the largest number of RabbitMQ clusters in the world!
  • CloudKarafka: Fully managed Apache Kafka clusters
  • CloudMQTT: Perfectly configured and optimized message queues for the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • ElephantSQL: Configured and optimized PostgreSQL databases

At this point, I am sure you have already decided that “the cloud” is for you, as you are tired of buying all that hardware and hiring teams to maintain and support them. The question is whether you should set everything up yourself, or want a hand to hold during the process? So what is holding you back? What are the key points to consider before making a decision?

If there is something worse than having a critical piece of software not running, then it might be when support requests for critical situations fall on deaf ears. We give all our customers a peace of mind when it comes to running their applications in our cloud environment. Our support team is built up by experienced developers and we are giving support 24/7. We are currently managing over 3000 dedicated instances! Check out our CloudAMQP Service Level Agreement (SLA).

I love the support that CloudAMQP gives us, always quick feedback and good help.
Anders Davoust, Developer at Parkster
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So whether you are a small startup, setting up an automated home system, or a Fortune 500 company, 84codes will come alongside and make sure you are successful.

We rely on CloudAMQP for our core messaging backend, sending tens of millions of messages per day. Their support has been really responsive and helpful whenever we've needed it.
Justin Zhu, Co-founder and CEO at Iterable

Ready to get started? We automatically take care of setting up your server and installing your preferred RabbitMQ version. If you have any doubts about which RabbitMQ version to use, our developers are happy to assist!

After a couple of mouse clicks, bootstrapping your cluster is only a few minutes away. We take care of the configuration of both the underlying server in your preferred cloud and configuration of RabbitMQ; including setting an optimal file descriptor size for the underlying machine. We have also automated the clustering setup, partition handling, TLS/SSL certificates, and setting up load balancing and automatic fail-over.

We had no issues with the setup of the dedicated instance, thank you. We were coming from shared plans. It's working perfectly."
Nicolas Kovacs, Domalys

Once your application is up and running, and when things go from good to great, you might need to make some moves and probably scale up. Your application might start to put a strain on the ability of the platform to perform as expected, but not to worry. We have built-in alarms to notify the team in all of our platforms to allow you to proactively take action to scale quickly between plans with little or no downtime, and support is always there to offer a hand if necessary.

We've wanted to take our Rabbit cluster internal for a while now, but your hosted service is just so simple to set up and use, it's hard to justify the extra time to do it in-house.
Ryan Hoshor, Senior Director of Engineering, Filld

It’s one thing to have applications in the cloud, but another to manage them. At 84codes, the focus from day one has been to simplify many aspects for developing applications that rely heavily on the cloud, so developers can focus on development instead of configuring and managing servers. We have built a solid reputation as one of the industry leaders in the hosted message and queueing platform providers.

Travis CI streams hundreds of build log chunks per second and we can rely on CloudAMQP to deliver them. We use several RabbitMQ clusters from CloudAMQP, and both the infrastructure and the service have been rock-solid.
Mathias Meyer, Co-founder Travis Cl

We wanted to be able to scale in an easy way, and that was the strongest argument to enter the cloud.
Anna Lagerborg, CTO Hemnet
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Due to the high pace of updates, releases, and feature adding where different versions of a product constantly replace each other, it is nearly impossible to find and fix every single bug before a release. To prevent any issues, we adhere to strict development processes and follow specified coding standards to ensure the best security practices. System components undergo tests (various black box and white box tests) and source code reviews to assess the security of our application interface, architecture, and services layers before we are adding our code into production.

If a bug is revealed in a specific version of our system we take care of it and deliver the patch. If you don’t like a particular version? Don't worry, you are never forced to upgrade anything as we support all previous versions of the software and we still allow our customers to choose the version they are most comfortable with.

Penetration tests, HIPAA, ISO27001, SOC2, and security questionnaires are pretty common topics of conversations that many companies operating in the cloud will encounter. At 84codes security is a top priority and we are constantly working on improving our offerings to ensure they are safe and secure. We have solid policy documentation regarding Security and Privacy, a Data Processing Agreement, and GDPR compliant. We will, of course, do our best to meet any security demands, so never hesitate to reach out to us with your specific inquiries. You can read more about our Security Policies, Privacy Policy, Data Processing Agreement, and GDPR if you have any questions.

If you are interested in learning more about our offerings, would like to schedule a demo, or have general questions, we would love a chance to speak with your team and learn more about your use case. Please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Find us at contact@cloudamqp.com

Best, Team CloudAMQP

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