New! Video from CloudAMQP, “What is Message Queueing? Message Queues explained!”

Message queuing allows applications to communicate by sending messages to each other. In the latest video from CloudAMQP, we take a deep dive into message queuing and the benefits of its use in a microservice architecture. This video explains message queuing from scratch and presents the benefits in relatable, real-life scenarios.

Watching this video is one of the easiest ways to understand why so many multinational corporations rely on message queue architecture to deliver reliable, useful applications and services to their customers.

Who should watch the new video?

This video is made for anyone who wants to understand what happens behind the scenes in a microservice architecture where message queuing is used.

What can I learn from the video?

You will learn the basics of message-queuing, how to use it to optimize your service and the benefits of asynchronous messaging within applications.

Stay tuned for more!

This is the third video from CloudAMQP. Our previous videos include:

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