CloudAMQP Releases New Video - RabbitMQ Use Cases

Announcing a brand new video by CloudAMQP on RabbitMQ Use Cases. Take just five minutes of your time and learn more about how RabbitMQ is transforming old-fashioned monolithic architecture into sleek, new microservice architecture styles.

Watching use cases in video form is one of the easiest ways to understand why so many multinational corporations rely on message queue architecture to deliver reliable, useful applications and services to their customers.

Who should watch the new video?

Anyone who is on the fence about microservice architecture can benefit from watching the new RabbitMQ Use Cases video by CloudAMQP, manager of the world’s largest fleet of RabbitMQ Clusters. New developers just beginning their careers should also check out the video, as it helps spark ideas for new applications - both internal and external. Finally, experienced DevOps professionals that are ready for an exciting, new way to approach a request for functionality just might find themselves intrigued by what other successful developers have achieved with microservice architecture.

What can I learn from the video?

The RabbitMQ Use Cases video visualize the benefits of the decoupled message queue architecture including the ease of which they can be scaled and maintained. Viewers of the RabbitMQ Use Cases video from CloudAMQP will be guided through a use case tour that connects the background information to real-life application development use.

Stay tuned for more!

We had so much fun making this video, we have a whole lineup in store. Start your RabbitMQ journey with CloudAMQP today, by visiting our plan page.

As always, we love hearing from you on with your suggestions, questions, or feedback!

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