Install community plugins

You no longer have to bug us to install RabbitMQ community plugins!

At the plugins tab in the CloudAMQP Console you can now install community plugins with a click of a button. This first version of this feature does not support plugins that require custom broker configuration, for that you still have to bug us via email :) This means that the following plugins are available to install at will:

Plugin Name Description
Last value caching exchange (rabbitmq_lvc) The last value exchange acts like a direct exchange (binding keys are compared for equality with routing keys); but it also keeps track of the last value that was published with each routing key, and when a queue is bound, it automatically enqueues the last value for the binding key.
Reverse Topic Exchange Type (rabbitmq_rtopic_exchange) Adds a reverse topic exchange which lets you provide routing patterns at publishing time, instead of at binding time.
Recent History Cache (rabbitmq_recent_history_exchange) Keeps track of the last 20 messages that passed through the exchange.
Delayed Message Plugin (rabbitmq_delayed_message_exchange) A plugin that adds delayed-messaging (or scheduled-messaging) to RabbitMQ.
Routing Node Stamp Plugin (rabbitmq_routing_node_stamp) A plugin that stamps a message with the node who first received it.
Message Timestamp Plugin (rabbitmq_message_timestamp) A plugin that adds a timestamp when a message first enters RabbitMQ.
Top (rabbitmq_top) Adds a "top" like view of busy processes to the management plugin.
Event Exchange (rabbitmq_event_exchange) This plugin exposes the internal RabbitMQ event mechanism as messages that clients can consume.
Management themes (rabbitmq_management_themes) Adds the possibility to customize the management web UI look.
Boot Steps Visualiser (rabbitmq_boot_steps_visualiser) Adds a tab to the management UI which displays boot steps in a graph. This is a debugging tool: it is of no use in a production broker.
Priority Queue (rabbitmq_priority_queue) Prioritize queues
Sharding Plugin (rabbitmq_sharding) This plugin introduces the concept of sharded queues for RabbitMQ. Sharding is done at the exchange level, that is, messages will be partitioned across queues by one exchange that we should define as sharded.

Note that if you have custom plugins installed, automated upgrades of RabbitMQ versions won't work. If this is the case and you want to upgrade please use the email below.

Please email us at if you have any suggestions or feedback.

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