We're happy to announce full DigitalOcean integration! You can now create RabbitMQ clusters in all DigitalOcean's datacenters who has private networking.



Because DigitalOcean is so much cheaper than AWS we can use beefier servers with better performance for the same price as in AWS. Expect about twice the message throughput on DigitalOcean compared to AWS for the same plan.


One feature DigitalOcean lacks compared to AWS is a split-horizon DNS. On AWS you get a DNS hostname for each instance which automatically will resolve to the public IP for machines outside the datacenter, but to the internal IP when resolved from within AWS. DigitalOcean lacks this feature and also makes it impossible to us to implement our own split-horizon DNS server as all instances are configured to use Google's DNS resolvers, so we have no idea if the DNS resolve requests comes from within DigitalOcean or not.

So instead, when accessing CloudAMQP from within DigitalOcean, replace rmq with in in the hostname, e.g. becomes By doing so you will pay no traffic costs and the latency is somewhat lower.

Please email us at if you have any suggestions or feedback.

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