RabbitMQ Firehose

Enable/disable RabbitMQ tracing/firehose from the CloudAMQP Console

Sometimes, during development or debugging, it's useful to be able to see every message that is published, and every message that is delivered. RabbitMQ has a "firehose" feature, where the administrator can enable (on a per-node, per-vhost basis) an exchange to which publish- and delivery-notifications should be CCed. These notifications are close to what's happening on the wire - for example you will see unacked messages. When the feature is switched off, it has no effect on performance; when it is switched on, performance will drop somewhat due to additional messages being generated and routed. RabbitMQ docs

Read more about this fetaure at RabbitMQ docs.

You find this feature in the "Nodes" tab.


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