Learn RabbitMQ free with the new RabbitMQ Training Course

Adding another piece to the RabbitMQ educational puzzle, the CloudAMQP team proudly presents the RabbitMQ Training Course.

We have some exciting news to share with you! It is something we have been working on for a long time, and we are genuinely proud of: the complete RabbitMQ Training Course with a free RabbitMQ certification upon completion of the training. This unique course was created by our dedicated team with ten years of experience in this field. The course is free and can be taken at any time, allowing you to do it at your own schedule and pace.

The RabbitMQ Training Course is a natural way of continuing the journey of sharing our knowledge on this topic. Over the years, CloudAMQP has become known and appreciated for our pedagogical way of describing complicated things. We have written a book, and you have seen us in Youtube videos and read some of our blogs. This training course will be no exception. We love RabbitMQ, and we want it to be easy to learn. And more importantly, we hope that more people will recognize the power of RabbitMQ, especially in building modern-day applications and systems. Whether you’re running it in-house or if you choose to host it with us, RabbitMQ can:

  • Quickly scale up and down your application
  • Build a robust infrastructure that is fault-tolerant
  • Let different developer teams work on their part of the application, unbound to each other
  • Let applications written in different languages communicate effortlessly

The RabbitMQ Training Course starts with the basics of message queueing and the message broker, RabbitMQ. Next, participants will learn about components, functionality, and how RabbitMQ can play a significant role in a microservice architecture. The course will also act as a guide when setting up, tweaking, maneuvering, and sending messages with RabbitMQ.

Go ahead, sign up and start your journey toward the RabbitMQ certification today!
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Until next time,
Sofie and the CloudAMQP team

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