GCP firewall configuration enabled for CloudAMQP

The CloudAMQP team are happy to announce that CloudAMQP now offers firewall support for Google Cloud Platform. This feature is enabled for all new instances and for old VPC instances.

GCP firewall protects your instance by letting you allow/deny traffic to your instances based on a chosen configuration. You can easily configure the firewall settings in the control panel for your instance.

For simplicity, we’re offering pre-named ports that allow you to open up for AMQP, MQTT and STOMP without having to specify them, but you can enter extra ports if you have enabled other protocols or plugins. You are by that able to set up ports for different IP-ranges, for example, your servers can access port 5762 (AMQP), but the management interface can still be open to all.

You can read more about GCP firewall here.

The following platforms have firewall configuration enabled: GCP, Amazon Web Services and Azure.

If you have any questions about the GCP firewall, or if you would like us to add firewall configuration support for any other platform, please reach out to us at support@cloudamqp.com.

Best, CloudAMQP Team

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