Virtual Private Cloud on Google Cloud Platform

Create CloudAMQP instances in a virtual private cloud (VPC) on Google Cloud Platform and peer with an internal VPC to keep traffic private.

A VPC network is a virtual version of the traditional physical networks that exist within and between physical data centers. Each VPC network is subdivided into subnets. When creating an instance, a subnet must be created, causing the instance to draw its primary internal IP address from that subnet. Instances in a VPC network communicate with instances in all other subnets of the same VPC network using their RFC1918 private IP addresses. Read more at Google VPC docs

Launch a CloudAMQP cluster in GCP VPC

  1. Create your plan in a dedicated VPC and select subnet
    Dedicated VPC is only available for our dedicated plans.
    Configure dedicated vpc for a new instance
    When you've selected VPC you'll get to select the VPC subnet. Make sure it doesn't overlap with any VPC subnets you want to peer with.
    It is not possible to create a VPC after the instance has been created so make sure you do it when creating a new instance.
  2. Create peering request to CloudAMQP
    When the new instance has been created, navigate to the VPC tab in the CloudAMQP Console, and create a peering request to your VPC Network.
    Configure dedicated vpc for a new instance
    Configure VPC peering
    Next step is to create a peering request from your GCP account to your CloudAMQP VPC network. More information on how to do that is available in this guide.
  3. Accept the peering request
    To accept the peering request, go to the VPC tab in the CloudAMQP Console and click Accept for the pending request.

To learn more about VPC peering with GCP, please read this guide.

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