Happy Hare - the new in-between plan for RabbitMQ

Meet the new Happy Hare plan, created to meet all sorts of consumer demands - no matter the size.

Happy Hare hops in between Big Bunny ($99) and Roaring Rabbit ($299) for an affordable $199, rounding out the options so that everyone has a plan they are comfortable with.


The RabbitMQ PerfTest tool is part of the RabbitMQ Java client, and it's the tool we use for benchmark testing of the plans. The library generates a load on the cluster to test its robustness, among other things. The benchmark tests for Happy Hare on one node show the ability to reach about 8,000 messages per second throughput with one queue, publisher, and consumer.

Happy Hare 1 node:

  • ~8k msgs/s
  • ~8k connections

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