FAQ: How to persist messages during RabbitMQ broker restart?

Frequently Asked RabbitMQ Question: How to persist messages during RabbitMQ broker restart?

Messages, exchanges, and queues that are not durable and persistent will be lost during a broker restart. If you cannot afford to lose any messages, make sure that your queue is declared as durable and your messages are sent with delivery mode "persistent".

Declared your queue as durable

Queues and exchanges needs to be configured as durable in order to survive a broker restart. A durable queue only means that the queue definition will survive a server restart, not the messages in it.

Create a durable queue by specifying durable as true during creation of your queue. You can check in the RabbitMQ Management UI, in the queue tab that the queue is marked with a "D" to ensure that the queue is durable.

Set message delivery mode to persistent

Making a queue durable is not the same as making the messages on it persistent. Messages can be published either having a delivery mode set to persistent or transient. You need to set delivery mode to persistent when publishing your message, if you would like it to remain in your durable queue during restart.

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