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What’s new, fast, and open-source? The message broker LavinMQ, hosted by CloudAMQP! Get familiar with our latest product, and why not get a free instance to try it out?

84codes was founded in 2012 as a message queue hosting provider. Since then, we have increased our expertise and offerings, growing from one to five standalone services as of this year. Now, we’re the proud team behind a brand new message broker, LavinMQ!

LavinMQ is the result of these years of experience managing message brokers and becoming intimately familiar with customer requirements, and driven by the desire for a more approachable solution for message queues.

LavinMQ: An overview

LavinMQ does pretty much what every message broker does: it stores and queues messages received from an application, waiting for another application to consume it. However, LavinMQ aims to be the most efficient message broker available. It offers support for:

  • Extremely long queue lengths
  • Large number of queues
  • Very high numbers of connections and channels

If you want to learn more about message queues, you can refer to our short guide to message queueing.

LavinMQ relies on AMQP 0.9.1 as its backbone, which was chosen for its ease of use. AMQP 0.9.1 is also the default protocol used by RabbitMQ, which means that LavinMQ can use the same client libraries as RabbtiMQ.

Two great features from other popular message brokers are also on board LavinMQ:

  • Reconsuming messages like Apache Kafka.
  • LavinMQ aims to be even more user-friendly than RabbitMQ. It is built to be easy to learn and help to avoid beginner or configuration mistakes.

LavinMQ is, by default, easy to get up and running, and thanks to CloudAMQP, it's even easier now.

Why LavinMQ?

When should you choose LavinMQ in your architecture over RabbitMQ or just about any other broker out there? When you want a message broker that:

  1. Requires minimal configuration and is easy to use
  2. Supports many connections and channels
  3. Supports many queues, and very long queues
  4. Is very resource efficient
  5. Has exceptionally high performance
  6. Supports rewindable queues and persistent exchanges
  7. Is easy to troubleshoot
  8. Has the option to pause queues

Have a quick look at the LavinMQ installation guide for Ubuntu and you will notice how simple and fast it is to set up LavinMQ. All unnecessary information is removed and stripped to the very essentials.

“Something traditionally tricky to configure and understand is now just on the opposite side of a few lines,” Christina Dahlén, Developer

The LavinMQ manager is easy-to-use and provides a friendly, lightweight interface. The experience is enjoyable, with intuitive, eye-appealing color schemes.

A beginner’s guide is available for reference during setup, in addition to a great community that has your back when needed. The LavinMQ team is easy to contact and will answer any questions in a jiffy. Join the team on Slack!

LavinMQ remains truly open-source, with a hosted version available via CloudAMQP.

What are the perks of LavinMQ?

LavinMQ is built to handle many connections, for instance, 8,000 connections use only 400 MB of RAM. In contrast, many other applications require a lot of simultaneous connections, which can be challenging to support due to limited resources. Long queues are also an option for LavinMQ, using 100 MB of RAM when declaring 100,000 queues.

LavinMQ is resource-efficient, maximizing the performance of your existing system by keeping the RAM and CPU footprint to a minimum. LavinMQ writes all routed messages directly to the disk into the message store. The message store is a series of files that includes a reference from the queue’s index, and caching is managed by the OS itself. LavinMQ is the fastest AMQP broker available, boasting a low latency to ensure a smooth end-user experience.

How to get your free LavinMQ instance

LavinMQ is built by experienced message queuing developers with the knowledge, and standards of today. CloudAMQP has over ten years of experience in hosting, tweaking, and maintaining existing message brokers. Sign up for your free instance and explore LavinMQ; we’d love to hear your thoughts about our new creation! Dedicated plans are available on request.

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