Increased reliability of our shared plans

A new limit will be added (2017-03-02), to increase the reliability of CloudAMQP shared plans. A queue that has been idling (a queue that haven't been consumed from) for 28 days will be deleted, and temporary queues will be deleted after 60 seconds.

Please note: Only a few users will be affected of this change.

Our main goal is to delete queues that are not being used. Otherwise we would end up with thousands of unused queues on our shared servers after a while.

Little Lemur and Tough Tiger instances are virtual hosts (vhosts) located on a shared server, where other users' actions might affect the performance of the whole server. We are constantly working for better and more stable shared plans, earlier we added limitations on messages/connections/channels etc. We just changed the maximum allowed number of users on a shared server, and we are now adding limits for idle and temporary queues. These changes will increase the reliability of CloudAMQP shared plans.

Limitation of shared plans

A queue TTL policy of 28 days will be added, which will delete queues that haven't been consumed from for 28 days. A queue TTL policy of 60 seconds will be added for temporary queues, which will delete all temporary queues after 60 seconds.

Unused means the queue has no consumers, the queue has not been redeclared, and basic.get has not been invoked for a duration of at least the expiration period.​

Dedicated plans are not affected.

Please email us at if you have any suggestions or feedback.

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