Pivotal Web Service - End of Availability - how PWS users can keep their instances

Pivotal Web Services (PWS) and AppDirect marketplace is closing its doors, but users will still be able to keep their CloudAMQP instance!

As Pivotal Web Services has announced its End of Availability, all existing marketplace subscriptions will end on November 15, 2020. (More info from PWS can be found in their FAQ)

But don't worry, you can easily migrate your CloudAQMP instance to us directly and keep using it even after this.

If you have an active CloudAMQP instance through PWS, you should see the following information in the details tab of your CloudAMQP instance.

Clicking the link in the banner will show you the following instructions on how to do the migration. Note that the instance will be unaffected, but the access to administrate it will be through your CloudAMQP account instead of PWS. Clients will connect as before.

Here are the steps to follow

  • Create an account at the customer console and login
  • Add your billing information under the Billing menu option
  • Create an API Access key with full access under the API Access menu option
  • Provide the API-key you just created, in the transfer screen below and press the Transfer button
  • Finished! Use your instance as usual by visiting our customer console with your new login credentials. Make sure you can access your instance through your new CloudAMQP account before you remove the subscription from your marketplace. Removing the subscription from the marketplace is needed to avoid being charged double.

    As always, we love hearing from you on contact@cloudamqp.com with your suggestions, questions, or feedback!

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