RabbitMQ 3.4

RabbitMQ 3.4 is released!! From this point, all new created clusters will be running RabbitMQ 3.4.1. Already running dedicated clusters can be upgraded from our console page. Go to the tab nodes and press Upgrade RabbitMQ.

RabbitMQ Upgrade

Some of the new features in RabbitMQ 3.4

  • A fast reply-to mechanism for RPC clients, read more about direct reply-to here.
  • Allow plugins to be enabled / disabled without restarting the server
  • Allow crashing queue processes to recover, using persistent data if present
  • Monitoring and limiting of queue length in bytes
  • Allows .net-based clients to reconnect automatically after network failure
  • .... and much more!

Read about all new features, performance improvements and bug fixes in RabbitMQ 3.4.0 release here .

Please email us at support@cloudamqp.com if you have any suggestions or feedback.

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