RabbitMQ For Developers by Derick Bailey

Derick Bailey has collected and in a great way compiled a lot of work about RabbitMQ into a bundle called RabbitMQ for developers. It is an impressive bundle with a lot of useful information and dos and don'ts from a developers perspective.

The bundle was released about two month ago and it consists of screencasts, interviews and e-books. A quick review about the content in the bundle is given in this article. Overall, a very good collection of useful information and reference material for RabbitMQ.

RabbitMQ for developers overview


RabbitMQ Layout

The RabbitMQ layout e-book is written in a simple but engaging way, starting from the basics where RabbitMQ’s exchanges, queues and the bindings between them are explained, followed by a story-telling approach that guides you through the decision making paths of real world projects and systems. You get to follow Derick Bailey during the set up of different RabbitMQ systems. It is for perfect use when you need to understand some of the decisions that you will need to take before you are building your RabbitMQ based systems. You will meet the struggles, the success and some of the failures in designing a message based system with RabbitMQ.

Derick Bailey: "I wrote this book to speak to the problems that I found when learning RabbitMQ on my own. There were plenty of books, blogs and other resources available for the “how-to” of RabbitMQ, but I found the lack of “why-to” resources to be particularly frustrating."


The bundle include a series of interviews that has been done with RabbitMQ and messaging professionals, including an interview with our CEO Carl Hörberg.

Bailey manages in the interviews to ask impressively good questions. You notice from the start that he is very interested and well-read in the subject. He wants to know everything possible about it. Times to times he do repeat the answers when he really gets an understanding - which makes it easy to pick up the answer from a listener perspective, sometimes you even get to hear the answers in two different ways or with new examples that in a good way confirms understanding. I really like the way he is doing the interviews and he is doing them very well. Complete chat transcripts are also included in the bundle.

Interview Carl Hörberg and Derick Bailey

Our CEO Carl Hörberg were interviewed and of course that will get some extra focus here; The topic for the interview is RabbitMQ in Production with Carl Hörberg. He gets questions about the idea behind CloudAMQP and how long time it took to set up the automated process behind CloudAMQP so that anyone could get a running RabbitMQ cluster with just a click of a button. Questions about why he did choose RabbitMQ instead of other message queues out there. They are also talking about the CAP theorem - how you should think about consistency, availability and partition tolerance when you set up a running RabbitMQ production environment - how you should identify whats important for your system. Again, of course, I might be a bit biased but it’s a really interesting interview and recommended for good understanding about RabbitMQ.

The bundle also includes a lot of other interesting interviews with i.e Alvaro Videla, core team member of RabbitMQ and the writer of the famous books RabbitMQ in Action and Aria Stewart, paypal developer, who talks about how to design for failure. She is also mentioning the CAP theorem and how RabbitMQ can be a hack around it.

The screencasts - WatchMeCode

rabbitmq tutorial

The bundle includes 12 nice and informative tutorials about how to set up RabbitMQ, information about the RabbitMQ management interface and various examples - i.e how to use RabbitMQ (with Node.JS and wascally) for long running processes, where a message queue is added as a middle layer to replace an existing 15 second delay that is effecting the users interaction with the site.

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