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Wondering how to get started with RabbitMQ? After the success of our first ebook CloudAMQP offers a FREE download of our second ebook "The Optimal RabbitMQ guide - from beginner to advanced".

Like the previous book, readers get an introduction to RabbitMQ and take part in learnings and benefits from using the CloudAMQP hosted RabbitMQ service. The second edition gives a more in-depth part, based on the experience and knowledge that working with RabbitMQ har brought to the team during these past years.

CloudAMQP has supported thousands of RabbitMQ user questions during our time in the industry and has experience from a huge range of customers and own setups. Therefore, we made some significant additions to this ebook, and hope that it will continue to assist anyone who is taking their first (or second, or third) steps into message queuing with RabbitMQ.

rabbitmq tutorial book

The book will give a gentle introduction to RabbitMQ. The first part will give you an understanding of messaging and important RabbitMQ concepts will be defined. The second part takes you to advanced message queuing with RabbitMQ and Best Practice recommendations - both for high performance and high availability. The third part contains user stories to put RabbitMQ and CloudAMQP in context.

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