RabbitMQ with High Performance Erlang

It's now possible to enable HiPE, High performance Erlang, for your dedicated RabbitMQ clusters. When you enable HiPE RabbitMQ is compiled at start up. The throughput increases with 20-80% according to our benchmarks. The only draw back is that the startup time increases quite a lot too, 1-3 minutes.

HiPE is marked as experimental in RabbitMQ's documentation but we've found it very stable with the latest Erlang runtime, which at the time of writing is R16B03-01. So make sure that you upgrade Erlang to its latest version before you enable HiPE.

HiPE screen shot

As you can see in the screen shot we've given you more control of your clusters in terms of start and stop buttons, ability to upgrade RabbitMQ and Erlang individually.

Please email us at support@cloudamqp.com if you have any suggestions or feedback.

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