Welcome to join RabbitMQ Summit 2023

The CloudAMQP team is proud to announce our co-organizing of the RabbitMQ Summit in Berlin. Together with Code Sync and Erlang Solutions, we aim to bring together enthusiasts, experts, and companies who all agree that RabbitMQ and AMQP is a tool that needs to be shared and understood.

Over the years, RabbitMQ Summit has welcomed vital players from all over the globe to discuss the latest news, provide expert tips, share interesting use cases, and solve problems—all to broaden the knowledge of RabbitMQ. This year will be no exception. Visit the official website and read more about the event: www.rabbitmqsummit.com

When and where?

20 Oct 2023, Berlin, Germany

The call for talks is open.

Do you have a talk ready to be shared? Submit your talk before June 11 to be a part of this year's line-up of speakers. Remember, all talks are welcome, so don't overthink it - just apply! You will be informed about the status of your submission by 31 July 2023.

Apply for a talk

Get your ticket.

Tickets will be available from June 15, but you can pre-book your ticket by signing up to our waiting list.

Ticket waiting list

Stay tuned.

We will release more information soon, so stay tuned to learn the latest updates and news related to RabbitMQ Summit. Make sure to visit www.rabbitmqsummit.com for additional information, and follow our Twitter account for the latest news.

All the best,

The CloudAMQP team

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