Update 2020-09-01

CloudAMQP is no longer available through Rackspace. Visit our start page for an up to date list of supported platforms and data centers.

CloudAMQP Supported Clouds and Platforms

You can now create RabbitMQ servers in Rackspace datacenter's with a click. If you already host servers with Rackspace you can now enjoy free traffic and very low latency with your managed RabbitMQ clusters.



One feature Rackspace lacks compared to AWS is a split-horizon DNS. On AWS you get a DNS hostname for each instance which automatically will resolve to the public IP for machines outside the datacenter, but to the internal IP when resolved from within AWS, but not with Rackspace,

So instead, when accessing CloudAMQP from within Rackspace, replace .rmq. with .in. in the hostname, e.g. red-sterling.rmq.cloudamqp.com becomes red-sterling.in.cloudamqp.com. By doing so you will pay no traffic costs and the latency is very low.

Please email us at support@cloudamqp.com if you have any suggestions or feedback.

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