Update 2020-09-01

CloudAMQP is no longer available through Softlayer. Visit our start page for an up to date list of supported platforms and data centers.

CloudAMQP Supported Clouds and Platforms

We're happy to announce Softlayer integration!

You can now create a RabbitMQ cluster in Softlayer's datacenters with just one click! Get started by entering the control panel for CloudAMQP. Sign up and press Create+ to created your new instance.

Choose a name for your application and add a Softlayer datacenter as Data center. Add a CloudAMQP service plan that fit your needs, you can read more about the different service plans here. Press Create and you will be all ready and setup to get started with your new RabbitMQ instance on Softlayer. You can find all information about your new instance on the details page for your instance.

Softlayer integration

Softlayer datacenters

More information about how to get started with CloudAMQP and guides for various languages and platforms can be found here.

If you have any questions, comments or need feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us at .

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