Viessmann uses RabbitMQ for smooth IoT communication

Regardless of our geographical location, certain fundamental needs unite us all. Among these are the necessity for dependable heating or cooling systems and reliable ways of controlling them. Viessmann, a leading company in the field, fulfills these needs, partly thanks to its collaboration with CloudAMQP.

For over a century, Viessman has consistently pushed the boundaries of energy technology to provide sustainable and efficient solutions. Viessman’s strong focus on the environment and customer satisfaction has resulted in a reputation for delivering high-quality heating and climate control systems for homes and businesses.

Keeping up with development

But these things didn’t just happen overnight; a lot has changed in the past decade. Once, the main point of contact was with the installer, and Viessmann company had minimal interaction with the end customers. With the progress of digitization, there has been an increase in demand to connect and provide homeowners with tools to control their devices.

“Now, we've established a direct connection to end customers through applications controlling our systems. This marks a significant shift from our traditional role as heating system manufacturers to becoming providers of fully integrated solutions,” explained Lucas Hoeck, TSO IoT & Data Cost Management and Reporting at Viessmann.

Taking steps towards a hosted solution.

Today, over 550,000 Viessmann devices are connected to approximately 900,000 users worldwide, providing updates on both system health and usage data. And this is where CloudAMQP comes into the picture. About ten years back, Viessmann was already using RabbitMQ in their infrastructure, hosting it by themselves and being quite happy with how RabbitMQ was performing.

“But back then, we had to have all the deep knowledge in-house in case any trouble occurred. We were all quite excited about the idea of someone else handling upcoming issues, letting us focus on customer satisfaction. For example, just calling the support and leaving it to them. The step to trust everything to CloudAMQP was quite big, to be honest, but we have never regretted doing so. It just works," said Lukas Hoeck.

RabbitMQ's Role in Viessmann's Architecture

Let's take a look behind the scenes. Viessmann's architecture integrates heating systems into their IoT cloud, such as heat pumps, gas, and wood. This cloud-based system has multiple layers, including communication between IoT devices and the backend. RabbitMQ facilitates real-time communication, enabling seamless integration and asynchronous processes. The IoT communication standardizes data from different heating systems, making it smooth for the front end.

"One example is the live update feature. In this case, the messages from the heating system are sent directly through IoT communication to the backend using RabbitMQ. The backend handles the conversion from RabbitMQ to web sockets, allowing the front-end application to connect and receive real-time updates from the heating system."

Another example occurs when the heating system encounters an error. In this scenario, the error is automatically pushed from the IoT backend to the customers visual display, allowing them to immediately recognize any issues with the heating system.

“Additionally, we have a status calculation algorithm running on the IoT backend. This algorithm determines whether the heating system is healthy, has a warning, or requires attention. These processes are asynchronous, with the IoT backend subscribing to different features for all heating systems via RabbitMQ.”

A hosted RabbitMQ solution like this one is perfect for many applications, including yours. Visit our website to learn more about our great solutions, support, and other user stories like this one.

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