Azure Marketplace Revamped

We are pleased to announce the release of a new Azure Marketplace integration, replacing the existing one. This decision was made due to limitations in the current integration to enable the full range of features offered by CloudAMQP.

The main difference between the offerings is that the new one fully integrates with our own portal, enabling multiple features including:

  • Managing granular access control to the resources on your terms. Including SAML support
  • The use of the Terraform provider.
  • More robust plan changes
  • Access to features related to VPCs, e.g placing multiple clusters in the same VPC and VPC peering

Sign up to the new integration - Step by Step

  1. Subscribe to the offering at Azure portal
  2. Proceed through the steps in Azure Portal, choosing name and resource groups for the SaaS subscription.
  3. Press the Configure Account button shown in the portal or in the email you have received. This redirects you to the CloudAMQP portal
  4. Sign up in the CloudAMQP portal following the instructions. This creates the Azure related resources needed.
  5. Log in and manage instances as you want inside of the CloudAMQP portal. No charges will be made unless you create a cluster that incurs costs. See our plans for detailed pricing.
  6. From this point, you manage your subscription from within our portal. Invite your colleagues to give them access to the resource.

What will happen to the deprecated integration?

We will not remove the current integration right away. However with time we will stop the distribution of it. Meaning that plan changes and creation of new clusters from that one will not be possible. Recommended action is to transfer the instances to the new one sooner rather than later.

How do I transfer existing instances to the new integration?

This is made seamless, it's just a matter of switching ownership of the instances in our internal system. First signup for the new integration and then contact us at to get help moving the instances.

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