Copy your CloudAMQP configurations from one dedicated instance to another

Definitions, alarms, integration configurations for metrics and logs, firewall rules can be copied and plugins can be enabled from one dedicated instance to another. When creating a new dedicated instance you will get the option to copy from an existing instance in step three of the process. Select the instance you want to copy from and what config you would like to copy. When the new instance is bootstrapped it will copy the configuration automatically.

Remember, this function only works between dedicated instances.

CloudAMQP instance copy


This will restore the latest definition definition backup (definitions are backed up automatically several times a day). Definitions include all metadata such as users, vhosts, queues, exchanges, bindings.

Note that messages will not be copied in this process. You can use the Shovel Plugin and/or Queue Federation to transfer messages from one cluster to another.

Alarm Configurations:

These are the alarms and recipients that are configured in the Alarms tab in the CloudAMQP Console, such as CPU alarms, queue alarms, consumer alarms, etc.

Metrics Integration:

These are the metrics integrations to third-party providers in the Integrations tab in the CloudAMQP Console, such as Datadog, NewRelic, CloudWatch, etc.

Logs Integration:

These are the log integrations to third-party providers in the Integrations tab in the CloudAMQP Console, such as Papertrail, Datadog, CloudWatch, etc.

Firewall configuration:

These are the firewall rules in the Firewall tab in the CloudAMQP Console.

Enabled plugins:

This will enable plugins on the new cluster that is currently running on the original cluster.

RabbitMQ Config:

This will copy RabbitMQ configurations.

Let us know if you have any feedback on this feature.
Happy copying!

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