RabbitMQ 3.6

RabbitMQ 3.6 is released! From this point on, all new created clusters will be running RabbitMQ 3.6. Already running dedicated clusters can be upgraded from our console page.

Important note: A full cluster restart is required for dedicated clusters with two nodes, Roaring Rabbit and larger. The cluster has to be restarted after the two nodes has been upgraded. If no downtime is possible do we recommend to upgrade by creating a new cluster and after that migrate to the new cluster, for example with the help of RabbitMQ Queue Federation.

Go to the tab nodes and press Upgrade RabbitMQ.

rabbitmq new version

New features that we would like to give some extra attention in RabbitMQ 3.6

  • Lazy-queues are added to support very long queues. These queues can arise when consumers are unable to fetch messages from queues for long periods of times - like when a consumer is offline for some reason. You can read more about lazy queues in the blog post Stopping the stampeding herd problem with lazy queues
  • Synchronization between queues has been greatly improved. This will apply on dedicated instances with two or three nodes.

Read about all new features, performance improvements and bug fixes in RabbitMQ 3.6.0 release notes

Please email us at support@cloudamqp.com if you have any suggestions or feedback.

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