RabbitMQ now available on AWS Marketplace via CloudAMQP

CloudAMQP, the manager of the largest fleet of RabbitMQ clusters in the world, is excited to announce that our plans are now available through the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace. What does this mean for our valued customers? Read on to discover more great advantages of CloudAMQP - now also available through AWS Marketplace.

What is AWS Marketplace?

AWS Marketplace is a digital catalog that is curated for customers who want to deploy third-party software, data, and services for building solutions and running a business. AWS Marketplace makes it easy for customers to find and purchase exactly what they need via a secure platform. CloudAMQP is among good company, as the AWS Marketplace includes thousands of listings in popular categories such as security, storage, IoT, BI, and more devOps-as-a-service platforms like us.

What are the advantages of CloudAMQP plans via AWS Marketplace?

AWS Marketplace makes the process of sourcing, purchasing, and managing CloudAMQP and RabbitMQ as streamlined as possible for customers no matter their needs or location. Monthly billing cycles are also handled by the AWS Marketplace, making it convenient for customers to purchase all their cloud computing components in one place. Last but not least, AWS Marketplace offers a direct line of support from customers to CloudAMQP through the website, making requests fast and easy.

How do I find CloudAMQP on AWS Marketplace?

Finding CloudAMQP on AWS Marketplace couldn’t be easier - just navigate to AWS Marketplace and put CloudAMQP in the Search bar. To make it even easier, see the additional links below:

  • CloudAMQP listing on AWS Marketplace here
  • 84codes profile page here
  • Meet our wonderful customers here
  • Find our handy user guides for RabbitMQ here
  • Set up a managed cluster for a spin here

Who is CloudAMQP?

We are the leading hosting provider of RabbitMQ, with more than 24 thousand running instances around the world. Provided by 84codes, a Swedish tech company dedicated to simplifying cloud infrastructure for developers, our clients include Wunderlist, Dropcap, Travis CI, FarmBot, Mozilla, Draft Kings, Discovery Channel, Salesforce, and many more.

Can I go directly to CloudAMQP for a plan?

Of course! Our amazing team is ready to help you find the perfect RabbitMQ setup for your requirements. From free trials to user guides and video tutorials, CloudAMQP offers the most experienced RabbitMQ knowledge base on the planet! We hope to see you on the AWS Marketplace or get in touch with us directly on contact@cloudamqp.com with suggestions, questions, or feedback.

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