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When to use RabbitMQ or Apache Kafka

If you’re asking yourself if Apache Kafka is better than RabbitMQ or if RabbitMQ is more reliable than Apache Kafka, I want to stop you right there. This article will discuss both from a broader perspective. It has focus is on the functionality offered by both systems and will...

What is AMQP and why is it used in RabbitMQ?

AMQP includes a set of standards that control the entire messaging process in AMQP message brokers, like RabbitMQ. It allows two parties to communicate by sending and receiving messages between them. This article examines the basics of AMQP 0.9.1.

What is the relationship between connections and channels in RabbitMQ?

This article examines how clients, consumers, and brokers pass information over connections and channels in RabbitMQ.

RabbitMQ 3.8 Feature Focus - What is the RabbitMQ feature flag?

Feature flags are new to RabbitMQ version 3.8. These flags define a RabbitMQ node’s ability to become a part of a cluster. Nodes using the subsystem must have the same dependencies. This article reviews the new system, how to set flags, and how they are used in upgrades.

Running Celery with RabbitMQ

Get familiar with how Celery spreads longer running tasks among many workers, using a message broker such as RabbitMQ.

Don’t Panic! A developer’s guide through the Microservice jungle

This tutorial will familiarize you with microservices, message queues, databases, PaaS, IoT, Raspberry Pi’s and SaaS, and will teach you how and when to use these services and technologies.

What is the message size limit in RabbitMQ?

Frequently Asked RabbitMQ Question: What is the message size limit?

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Is HiPE production ready?

6% of all clusters at CloudAMQP has HiPE enabled - and we are today running thousands of nodes. Yes, HiPE is production ready.

13 Common RabbitMQ Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

We have been hosting RabbitMQ for many years, and we have probably seen way more configuration mistakes than anybody else. Here is a list, that will help you avoid common RabbitMQ mistake!