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RabbitMQ Streams and replay features, Part 2: How to work with RabbitMQ Streams

Queues in RabbitMQ are great! The RabbitMQ team introduced Streams in RabbitMQ 3.9 to open up newer use cases for RabbitMQ. Having explored those use cases in the previous post, this article demonstrates how to work with RabbitMQ Streams.

RabbitMQ Streams and Replay Features, Part 1: When to Use RabbitMQ Streams

The RabbitMQ team introduced Streams in RabbitMQ 3.9 to open up newer use cases for RabbitMQ and address any fall-flat scenarios. This article explores RabbitMQ streams and, more specifically, what they are and the new possibilities they present.

Learn RabbitMQ free with the new RabbitMQ Training Course

Learn everything you need to know to master RabbitMQ, from beginner to advanced. The course is free and can be taken at any time, allowing you to do it at your own schedule and pace.

Five Reasons To Consider LavinMQ When Choosing Message Broker

We're here to introduce you to LavinMQ, the new lightweight, resource efficient, easy-to-use message broker that is built to be faster and more approachable than existing options.

RabbitMQ Fanout Exchange Explained

RabbitMQ has some built-in exchanges and some that are enabled via a plugin. Fanout exchange is built in to RabbitMQ and can be used to route one message to multiple users. Use a fanout exchange when you wish to broadcast data to multiple places.

RabbitMQ Topic Exchange Explained

In RabbitMQ, messages are published to an exchange and, depending on the type of exchange, the message gets routed to one or more queues. This blog post will be focusing on the Direct Exchange in RabbitMQ.

RabbitMQ Direct Exchange Explained

Need powerful routing capabilities and reliable message deliveries? Topic exchange is a built-in exchange in RabbitMQ, enabling the use of wildcards in the binding key.

What’s new in RabbitMQ 3.10?

CloudAMQP is happy to announce that RabbitMQ version 3.10 is now available for our customers. In this blog post, we will go through the most significant changes and features.

Win Two Tickets to the RabbitMQ Summit in London

London in September is especially nice! Find out how you can win two tickets to the RabbitMQ Summit 2022 and join the RabbitMQ community for a one-day conference at Code Node!

RabbitMQ Summit 2022 - Hybrid Event

Amazing news! The RabbitMQ Summit is back, and this year it’s both digital and in person!