Summing up RabbitMQ Summit 2018 and looking forward to 2019

The RabbitMQ Summit 2018 brought attendees from all over the community and gathered RabbitMQ-ers from 20 different countries.

RabbitMQ Summit 2018 was a single tracked, one day, conference with 9 speakers, which brought light to RabbitMQ from a number of angles from best practice and user perspective to what's new and upcoming from the RabbitMQ core team.

A huge part of the community was at the same place, talking around one (and only one) subject, for a whole day. Together we showed the world what a great community we are growing in to, and we had the chance to talk about things we want to improve. - Anna Burman, Attendee

Key Takeaways from RabbitMQ Summit 2018

Of course, many discussions of RabbitMQ (both held by speakers and between attendees) was looking towards the future. What will new versions carry for its users? What do users expect from the RabbitMQ core team and what's on the user wishlist when it comes to updates, features, add-ons, etc? One hot topic was the revelation of Quorum Queues , a new feature in RabbitMQ 3.8, which will be the new way to reach HA (High Availability).

One giant, and also one of the most appreciated topics, was the ones concerning RabbitMQ Best Practices recommendations. Attendees got stuffed with useful "do's and dont's" of RabbitMQ usage, based on experiences from companies (both big and small), RabbitMQ Developers, long-standing RabbitMQ experts and from each other.

For Best Practices we recommend: Lovisa Johansson, Gavin Roy

Attendees also got to take part in interesting (and fun!) Use Cases where companies described their RabbitMQ usage and the relief it brought to their infrastructure. Nathan Herald, Software Engineer at Wunderlist/ Microsoft, gave CloudAMQP the best of feedback by explaining how he used CloudAMQP while working with Wunderlist.

All recordings can be found at the RabbitMQ summit website, where you are able to take part in both videos and speaker slides.

Future for RabbitMQ Summit

RabbitMQ Summit continues as an annual summit. Time and Location for the next event will be revealed at the beginning of 2019, and for those interested in the latest news, you have the ability to sign up to RabbitMQ Summit newsletter.

Improvements, suggestions etc. As in everything we do - our clients' opinions are crucial. Therefore, it's in our biggest interest to take part in your thoughts regarding future summits. Send us an email if you have thoughts and ideas.

Interested in sponsoring the next RabbitMQ summit? If your company are interested in becoming a sponsor of the next RabbitMQ Summit, create contact with one of our sponsor managers to discuss your thoughts and wishes at

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RabbitMQ Summit 2018 - Summary

  • Gavin Roy - VP of architecture, Aweber Communications
  • Jonathan Skrzypek - Executive Director, Goldman Sachs
  • Michael Klishin - Core RabbitMQ Developer, Pivotal
  • Ayanda Dube - Rabbitmq Expert, Erlang Solutions
  • Lovisa Johansson - RabbitMQ Engineer, CloudAMQP
  • Gerhard Lazu & Wayne Lund - Core RabbitMQ Developers, Pivotal
  • Jack Vanligthtly - Cloud Architect, SII Concatel
  • Nathan Herald - Software Engineer, Wunderlist/ Microsoft
  • Matteo Cafasso - Software Engineer, F-secure Corp
  • Platinum Sponsors: Pivotal, LShift
  • Gold Sponsors: Trifork, Aws
  • Silver Sponsor: Cogin Queue Explorer
Attendees 130+

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