Part 2: RabbitMQ for beginners - Sample code

Part 2 of RabbitMQ for beginners - Sample code for Ruby, Node.js, and Python

The previous article explained message queuing and RabbitMQ. In this part of the series, we show sample code for Ruby, Python and Node.js. All the tutorials contain both basic and advanced information and step-by-step instructions which shows how to set up a connection, how to publish to a queue, and how to subscribe from the queue. You can jump straight to next part, Part 3: The management interface if you rather would like to get familiar with all parts before you put your hands on the coding.

Part 2.1 - Ruby

Step-by-step instructions for

Ruby + RabbitMQ

Part 2.2 - Node.JS

Step-by-step instructions for

Node.js + RabbitMQ

Part 2.3 - Python

Step-by-step instructions for

Python + RabbitMQ